The Impact of Kindness



The impact of the Cheetos Club has been profound within Petoskey High School and the greater community.  We have come to conclusion the kindness cannot be given away, but must be shared.  Kindness is loaning someone your strength instead of reminding them of their weakness.  We have included just a few of the “Thank You’s” that have been received by the Cheetos Club due to our planning for kindness.





“The Cheetos club has had a significant impact on the climate and culture of our school! Every project is thoughtful, and brings joy to those around them, while encouraging more people to perform random acts of kindness forward.  So many people are struggling with personal issues, and when you see them react to a positive reach out from the club, it is a life changer.   Everyone needs a Cheetos club, and I am so proud of these students and staff who are taking the time to affect real change in our school.”
PHS principal

“I came to America to have fun and have a good time.   The Cheetos Club was so kind to me that I actually joined in their cause of kindness.  I have learned the key to the meaning of life and I will be bringing this back to my country in my hope to make the world a better place.”
PHS Foreign Exchange Student

“I’m not sure who the Cheetos Club is……….but you would not believe what they did and what it meant to me.    I come into this place (PHS) everyday and see the same old thing and you kinda wonder is it worth it all.  Coming in today to our janitorial office and seeing all work the kids put into the posters and treats meant a lot.  I hope this is OK, but I decided to share the treats and kindness with the Cafeteria staff.   Really appreciate the Cheetos Club!  Thank You!  Thank You!”
PHS Janitor

“I was really struggling with a lot of issues and turmoil in my life.  Receiving the blanket, kind handwritten note and treats changed my thinking of taking my life and doing harm to myself.   You guys changed my thinking that nobody cares.   Thank you for caring and doing something that showed you care!  I love the Cheetos Club.”
PHS High School Student

“I have been teaching at Petoskey High School for 34 years and no one has made me feel more special and valued on my birthday than the Cheetos Club.   You took the time to make me feel valued and cared about.  That has not happened in a long time within the halls of this school.   I am so impressed by the Cheetos Club and very grateful for the impact you are making.”
PHS High School Teacher

“I always knew that it felt great to receive kindness. Everybody likes to be noticed and be treated nicely, but being in this group has shown me more. It feels even better to give that kindness to others who need it. It has shown me that it doesn’t just feel good to get kindness, but that it feels good to go and be kind.”
Member of the Cheetos Club

Dear Cheeto Club:

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we appreciated the Cheetos you sent us when retired Coach Starkey was hospitalized last spring.  It was such a thoughtful thing to do, and we all appreciated it.

As you may not know, Retired Coach Starkey, was in the hospital for 45 days, 23 of those in the ICU.  During that time, we received great care from the ICU staff.  While we were at the hospital, we tried really hard to let the staff who cared for all of us how much we appreciated them.  So, one day, I purchased multiple bags of Cheetos and gave them to the nursing staff—both day and night shift.  I explained to them how the club got started and then now you sent us some Cheetos during our very scary experience, and they made us smile—so I wanted the ICU staff to smile.  Their job is so difficult—Mr. Starkey had a positive outcome, while many others don’t.

You made us smile, and we are thankful for your thoughtfulness and consideration, and the Cheetos.  Thank you so much for that.  We needed all of the smiles we could get—and—it helped us remember to Pay It Forward. Thanks again.

Sincerely, The Starkey family

Dear Mr. Bailey and everyone in the Cheetos Club,

Thank you for everything you have done. Recently, I was asked to write a paper about my hero in English class and I thought you would enjoy reading my essay. I wrote about you because you’re always the person I go to for help and the person that has always been there for me. I chose you as my hero because you are uniquely hardworking, smart, and caring. You encourage me to be a better person/ help others. You are a strong role model for me . . . I hope you realize how much you are appreciated and what a difference you made in my life. You are my hero you guys inspired me to be a better person. Hopefully next year I can be in the Cheetos Club.

Sincerely, [a Petoskey Middle School Student]

“Dear Cheetos Club,

… Your group – The Cheetos Club – is the best thing to happen at PHS in a long time. Service to others and spreading positive messages makes the world a better place. Never underestimate the power of your group to spread happiness – I can still remember my birthday last year – the Cheetos Club left a little “party” on my desk. I can still remember that feeling of joy from that surprise.

Keep up the good work – you are the best.

Love & Cheetos,

[PHS Teacher]

“It is teens like you that give older people like me hope for the future of our world.”

– Member of the Community

“Dear Cheetos Club –

Cheetos are my favorite “unhealthy” snack, but now I know why! There’s so much love in one big surprise attack from the Cheetos [Club].”

Member of the Community

“I’m a foreign exchange student and a member of the Cheetos Club. This club gave me a huge impact. It saved my school life. Without this Club, I probably spend most of my time alone. I really appreciate all of your kindness. Please keep spreading kindness. When you look back on your time in high school, you will be proud to have been part of this group.

Unfortunately, I have to go back to my country because of the coronavirus.  But I try to give kindness there. Thank you for an excellent time.

Remember, you guys have big power that might change someone’s life and world. You are the hope.”

– PHS Exchange Student


Cheetos Club was inspired by the kindness of Spencer Tibbits. Spencer was a student at Petoskey High School in Northern Michigan who quietly looked for ways to empathize and show kindness to students going through rough times. The extent of his example was not truly realized until his death on his 17th birthday. One story of Spencer’s kindness that has really resonated with students is a time he consoled a struggling student simply by taking a bag of Cheetos from his backpack and telling the student, “Nobody can be sad while eating Cheetos.” The Cheetos Club is a group of students who carry out acts of kindness in his honor by “Planning To Be Kind.”


Cheetos Club is not affiliated with Cheetos or Frito Lay.

Cheetos Club has been granted limited permission to use the Cheetos name and logo by Frito Lay.