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205, 2021

Why Am I Kind, By Selena Conti

May 2nd, 2021|

Every year the Cheetos Club says goodbye to our seniors by hearing their perspective on a topic related to kindness. This year we have asked them to reflect on ... Read More


Cheetos Club was inspired by the kindness of Spencer Tibbits. Spencer was a student at Petoskey High School in Northern Michigan who quietly looked for ways to empathize and show kindness to students going through rough times. The extent of his example was not truly realized until his death on his 17th birthday. One story of Spencer’s kindness that has really resonated with students is a time he consoled a struggling student simply by taking a bag of Cheetos from his backpack and telling the student, “Nobody can be sad while eating Cheetos.” The Cheetos Club is a group of students who carry out acts of kindness in his honor by “Planning To Be Kind.”


Cheetos Club is not affiliated with Cheetos or Frito Lay.

Cheetos Club has been granted limited permission to use the Cheetos name and logo by Frito Lay.