Besides the famous “Nobody can be sad when they are eating a bag of Cheetos,” Spencer had a collection of original quotes. Here are 30 of them!

  1. You can’t see beauty, you can only feel it from their presence.
  2. The only thing that matters is whats over looked.
  3. Words are only sounds, actions are what define people.
  4. Talking birds will always fly, its in their nature and nothing can change that.
  5. Beauty doesn’t wither, it only becomes more beautiful.
  6. Its hard to see who is there for you because they’re always behind you.
  7. When all you see is darkness, just open your eyes.
  8. Love isn’t just a word, its the feeling when you would go to hell and back to see them smile.
  9. There are no limitations in life. There are only negative thoughts by yourself and others.
  10. Everyone has two emotions, the one we show, and the one we hide.
  11. Every morning is the start of a new day and full of new beginnings, its your choice to dwell on the past and yours alone.
  12. Mirrors don’t show you who you are.
  13. Days never stay dark, the sun will always rise again.
  14. Light isn’t blinding, it just shows you all the beautiful things in the world.
  15. Everyone has hidden talents that are valued, they’re just hidden.
  16. No one is ever alone, there’s always someone there for you, someone watching over you.
  17. People may not give you chances, but that’s when you show them who you really are.
  18. The past is only a memory, its not tangible, it can’t hurt you.
  19. Tears don’t mean you’re sad, they mean you want help.
  20. You can’t read minds, so how can you tell what others think.
  21. Everyone’s mind is clouded, no one thinks clearly and everyone does things they regret.
  22. Flowers wilt, but their beauty is ever lasting.
  23. Everyone is beautiful, its their own thoughts that tell them differently.
  24. Wise people are wise for a reason, their wise because they’ve experienced what you’re going through.
  25. Beauty is internal. People who think other wise are just trying to cover up who they really are.
  26. Forgiveness is a greater necessity than food, water, or air.
  27. Your life is not a prison, the doors are always open and you are free to do what you please.
  28. People may scar you, but that’s only because it’s them who are truly scared
  29. Words create ripples that can effect more than anyone can comprehend.
  30. People act how they are treated, you can change so much with a few encouraging words.