My son, Spencer. He was a beautiful boy from the second he was born until the moment he was
called home. September 28, 1997 was just a month shy of his brother’s second birthday. They
were best friends from the day he came into this world until 17 years later to the day when he
was called home. Spencer was kind. Very kind. He would seek out things to do to be kind.
Spencer would find out teachers and friends favorite candy or fruit or snack and then ask me to
get them so he could bring it to them at school. I loved that his heart was that big. Not many
elementary or middle school kids would think that way. It went into his high school years and I
know it would have continued beyond that. His kindness and compassion makes me so proud,
but also doesn’t surprise me. He worried so much of others and took care of others to the point
where it upset him at times. He would get physically sick when I would drop him off at school
because he worried so much about me just being away from him.
His heart was absolutely huge and he had such a giving spirit. It broke my heart when he would
get upset, but I couldn’t not send him to school. He always knew how much I loved him and I
always knew how much he loved me. Not only me, but his whole family.  He adored his little
sisters. He was best friends with his brother. And Spencer had a very fun and loving relationship
with his stepdad Tim.
He was sweet and had some great friends. I’ve been fortunate to know a lot of them and happy
that they continue to message me. Spencer had many of the same problems that a lot of teens
do. Lack of control over their destiny, or control over anything really. It’s extremely hard when
you’re trying to find yourself and you have no space to do it. It’s been just over 6 years. It hurts to write this and revisit the news just the same as the day I
got the phone call. I will never forget that moment. It broke me. I love him. I miss him (so much).
As broken as I am, I’m also so proud of him.
I’m thankful for what he’s brought about with this Cheetos/kindness Club. That says a lot for a
17 year-old boy who was just being himself. Please continue to spread my Son’s kindness.
Spencer loved nature, soft serve ice cream cones, hunting for Petoskey Stones and Morel
Mushrooms. Sketching was also something he was good at and enjoyed. Making paper
airplanes was also a favorite pastime. When he was younger, if he got a new Bionical or LEGO
set, he would spend hours taking the pieces for the character or building you were intended to
build and making something completely different. He was very creative!
If you find yourself stressed or needing time away, grab a pencil and paper and sketch what you
see. Pick up some old legos and build your own creation or simply grab an ice cream cone and
walk in the woods.
His beautiful, but too short life has made me a better person and I’m thankful to him for that. I
hope his kindness has an effect on everyone who reads this. It’s not always the easiest route to
take when your angry or stressed or in a hurry, but it’s the right path. The person you are kind
too will remember and you’ll feel pretty good yourself.
Be kind…. always,
Becky Burger (Spencer’s Mom)