Since the beginning of the virus, the Cheetos Club has been discussing ways we can virtually help our seniors and give them the recognition they deserve. And a couple of days ago, we found one way we could get started. While I was browsing social media, I saw an Instagram page made by another high school in Michigan that was honoring their seniors, so I sent it to our Cheetos Club group chat and two other girls and I decided to take action with it and find ways to make the idea our own. While Ashley Nguyen and Karizma Simon take turns making the photo templates, they then send that to me where I make the caption and post the template honoring the senior. The purpose of this Instagram page is to give the seniors a way where they can express their accomplishments, look back on their high school career, and interact with each other through the comments of the posts and have many other highs school students from different grades give them recognition and encouragement.It also is in a way a virtual replacement of Signing Day, since that’s a day many seniors and other students were looking forward to. If you would like to view the page, visit Instagram at the account petoskey_seniors, there is also a link on the Cheetos Club website you can access as well. Hopefully the page can bring a smile to seniors, students, family, and friends who are looking for something good in these times.

Selena Conti